PT. Belitang Panen Raya (PT.BPR) was founded in 2005. A company engaged in rice milling followed by the expansion of a second rice mill near the Belitang rice fields, Oku Regency, South Sumatra in 2015.

PT. Belitang Panen Raya has produced rice products with the brand “Beras Raja” with various types of products that have been marketed throughout Indonesia both in traditional and modern markets. Raja Rice is processed from pure rice varieties using high-tech machines to produce quality and hygienic rice without bleach, preservatives and fragrances.

PT. Belitang Panen Raya has also produced derivative products from rice, namely Bihun Cap Raja which is now managed by PT. Rizky Mitra Pangan (PT. RMP). Bihun Raja has a soft texture and does not break easily, Bihun Raja is processed using high quality ingredients and is produced according to food processing standards.

Raja rice and vermicelli have obtained a Halal certificate from the MUI and Raja rice is the first rice producer in South Sumatra to have a Halal certificate and has received the first Fresh Food certification from the Ministry of Agriculture in Palembang.

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